Saturday, December 31, 2011

Female Head Studies

Some female character studies. One of the last drawings for 2011! I also have a bunch of work under NDA right now, along with some client commissions and a personal project, so once everything is cleared and wrapped up sometime in Jan/Feb I'll make sure to post a huge art dump then.

Wanted to play a bit with some female portraiture from imagination. I tend to be weaker on the female side, and I thought these quick(er) studies might help to correct some of my bad habits. I created a few different character types just to have an excuse to push and pull some of their features.

For example, the vampire chick on the far left has a more rounded face which is mirrored slightly by the shape of the hair near the top. I covered the middle character's eyes with huge sunglasses to mask her gaze and gave her a slightly punk-ish/boy haircut, meaning her jawline, lips and nose needed to sell her female form. And I tried to keep the far right study fairly symmetrical to add to that odd/creep/out of place sort of personality.

These were fun to warm up with. Will definitely be doing more of these. Thanks for checkin'