Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back to Enviro's!

Here's a little tease from my last post. I'll leave this be until I hear back, so take this as you will.
Annnddd I FINALLY have time to get back on my personal IP. I started thumbnailing out a few set designs for the general city and hospital where the story starts out. Trying to keep things fast and loose so the space reads in just a few tones but we still nail the lighting, mood and atmosphere.

From there I selected the sketch I wanted to move forward with (third row, second column) and started blocking in a basic block mesh in Google Sketchup. (which I've learned is now called Trimble Sketchup. Not sure when that happened.) Sketchup is a really easy tool you can use to quickly plot in some boxes, planes, and cylinders to act as a base structure to paint on. Once the block-in is done I imported the file into DAZ studio and used their distant and spot lights to add some thematic mood to the scene. From there I rendered out the final lighting to a .tiff file, opened it up in Photoshop and reversed engineered my perspective grid.

With my perspective grids in place I could then start sketching out the lineart and adjusting the final value scheme. This is the about the level I'll bring it for now. A lot of the grit will be added through photo textures before I do a final pass and choose a color pallet. There's still a few issues i need to address such as scale and some architectural treatments to push this into a more believable setting. But for now it's hitting most of the emotional queues I want to invoke.

As always, thanks for stopping by and I'll keep you all updated in the days to come :) Take care!

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  1. This is really helpful to look at. thanks!