Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hey everyone. Just got results back from New Era about the 'Introducing' contest. I teased at this a while back but it looks like my entry will indeed be included on their North American gallery tour. Awesomesauce! But for those of you who don't know yet let me explain....

Earlier this spring, New Era hat company put on their annual "Introducing" showcase. 100 artists were chosen from a group of applicants to pimp out a blank 59/50 cap. Of those 100, 80 were selected to go on a North American gallery tour. Here's a shot of the illustration I made...

...and process video I cut together as part of my entry

These are weekend (Saturday/Sunday) events so feel free to come down and take a look. In fact I strongly encourage it because I don't live near any of these spots! So it'd be cool to see/hear what you guys think of it all. I'll internet high-five anyone who sends me pictures ;)

It looks like NE posted a video of the NYC space already. Looks pretty sweet. Thanks everyone!

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