Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Precipice Update & Insane Creature Video

Hey everyone! Just wanted to post up a new update to keep things somewhat current. Decided to jump back into a project I started earlier this year, (with some help with the writing from the very talented Beki) and finally got down to doing some concepts. My portfolio has been filling up with illustration work, but my passion rests with design and function. So this is why I've set aside the month of May to start knocking out some concept work to help balance out the the portfolio, creating new images for The Precipice from scratch as well as re-visiting old ideas from various Mod groups that never made it to completion.

First up is the female lead for my story. I'm not going to explain the premise just yet, but know that it touches on all the dark elements I'm naturally drawn to ;) I spent some time fleshing out the line drawings in a clear and concise manor before picking out 3 designs that I felt meshed with her personality and profession. The black and white sketches were meant as a way to see how certain costumes and value patterns would work on top of the figure. Which is why the pose is very open, to show off as much as possible in the 3/4 view while her face is somewhat concealed. I'll worry about her head styles next.

From here I'll begin doing callouts of her bag and accessories as well as nailing down the face and hair before doing a final sketch. Then I'll play with a few color options before ripping out the final render. Stay tuned!

Also. this video will pretty much blow your damn mind. Be amazed.

Also just a final note, I was approached on DeviantArt the other day about the possibility of having my Rain Dance Tutorial translated into Ukrainian and eventually Russian for another artists blog. So I'll keep you posted if/when that happens. Thanks much!

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