Monday, May 2, 2011

Last Post Over Break

Haven't posted much in the past week or so. Been busy getting through an editorial piece for my dad's department, a new logo for the children of Africa as part of a new clothing line (information to follow in the coming weeks) and making more headway on the album artwork.

On the mod side of things, Sprawl has been working hard to get the demo out in the next few months. I'm still in the middle of getting through the city piece. By that I mean I haven't touched it since last post and need to set aside a solid day to finish up. Hope to make that happen this Friday. In the meantime I knocked out some quick and simple building silhouettes for the first level. Should have a couple of these fleshed out with the city so they work together on the final style sheet.

Also, if anyone is interested, we're looking for a few additional concept artists to help with the 2D side of things. If anyones interested feel free to e.mail Rui (with portfolio samples) at: or check out the CA Thread, Blog, or Forums.

Fubar has had a bit of a challenge gaining members as it's just myself and one other individual drawing up designs. Just the beginning stages of James character thus far:

My progress took a hit with the cold that I now have (thanks little brother ;) and working on these additional projects. Its been a blast! But definitely a lesson in time management. Unfortunately that meant the 2 personal works I wanted to have completed before school started never made it. But with my new term schedule I'm hoping to have enough space to get focused on personal work for the portfolio.

A few people on deviantART were asking that I post a tutorial on the Cartographer piece I made a few months ago. Finally got around to it over the weekend:

Had a nice sketch day with Raul RamosJon BakerBrent Pickrell, and Vic (someone tell this kid he needs a blog already!!) over break. Was fun getting to sit down with everyone and just observing the people around me. I don't do that NEARLY often enough. Also gave me a chance to congratulate Raul in person on his new internship at!! I'm stoked to call this guy my friend and wish him nothing but the best. Can't wait to see the work he does for this new company because it's gonna be KILLER ;) Plus I owe him a sack lunch.

And Osama was killed yesterday so that'



  1. Nice dude. Even though I saw the process reading through was interesting... analyzing bastard. In your sprawl city concepts I like the scale on number 7 and 8, but I would have to say the silhouette of 5 is is the most appealing to me.

    About this sprawl stuff,what help with the concepts do you need?

  2. Thanks man ;)

    It looks like the first level has been scaled back a bit, so the size on #7 especially is just too large for this scene. Most everything now will be mom and pop-sized shops with a central hotel as the highest landmark. So I have to drop a few of these out.

    They were asking for weapon concepts, but it looks as though they're willing to take on anyone interested that can provide usable designs. We had a few issues in the past with artists that weren't delivering proper turns/orthos so all the work had to be ditched :/

    Shoot 'um an e.mail. They're all nice guys. It'd be cool to work other people I know!!