Thursday, June 2, 2011

Face The Truth

Beginning stages of my first project for Grad Portfolio. Haven't decided how detailed or not I want to render this for the final. Color choice might end up changing too, we'll see after critique tomorrow! It's fairly graphic not only in the saturation/intensity of the pallet but by preserving the lineart and not blocking in the moving foreground figures it has a different style to it that I'm not used to seeing in my own work. Can't say I'm a fan of it at this point, would definitely like to introduce some more naturalistic tones and flesh out the static wall structure she's leaning up against. But for now...sleep :)


  1. Yes!This pose looks so much better.

  2. The proportions look a lot better in the piece. Be careful on her left leg (on the right). Her lower leg looks like it's bending in slightly, past the tolerance of the knee. But overall, really good.

  3. Thanks man! We went over that in critique. People felt the leg would look less awkward if I showed the foot and had it planted firmly on the ground. Can't say I disagree.